Wooden Venetian Blinds

Our made to measure wooden venetian blinds are versatile and stylish with regards to light control offering a plantation mood within any room or office. 

With over 50 different options available from our exclusive superior Oakwood collection to our Essentials Bass wood range we can accommodate any budget.  The moisture resistant faux wood option range (manufactured in vinyl material) are ideal for bathroom/shower rooms and kitchens benefitting from easy cleaning. 

Our wooden venetian blinds are available stained, painted or polished and come in 23mm, 35mm and 50mm slat widths being finished with either cord or a variety of coloured tapes and quality components. 

Our wooden venetian blinds are operated with dual or singular cords dependant upon chosen product

Metal Venetian Blinds

Our made to measure aluminium metal venetian blinds are a superb choice for window dressing your home or office environment. 

Metal venetian blinds offer privacy when closed but allow you to easily control how much day light enters the room by simply tilting the slats and can easily be raised to maximise daylight if required. 

We offer hundreds of different colours to suit a multitude of colour schemes with each having a special coating to prevent fading from sun damage.