Pleated / Cellular Blinds

Pleated / Cellular Blinds create a whole new look for your windows with exceptional all year round benefits.

Our wide range of Pleated / Cellular Blind fabrics not only look amazing but help keep energy costs down with their unique double pleated honeycomb structure creating a thermal barrier between the room and window to provide additional insulation.

These blinds are also the perfect way to keep the temperature down in the summer months with our ASC (Advanced Solar Control) backing reflecting and bouncing the sunlight away from your window. We can also offer Pleated / Cellular Blinds in fabrics to match Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Roman Blinds throughout your home, ideal for conservatories and loft bedrooms.

Pleated / Cellular Blinds are manufactured using superior pleated fabrics ideal for shallow window recesses, doors, conservatories and roof windows and come in many different colours and styles, giving a great option of style to choose from. To raise or lower your blind, simply move the bottom rail up or down to any position for optimal light and privacy control. Operating rods are available for hard to reach windows.

For the ultimate in luxury we offer Somfy Motorised Pleated / Cellular Blinds which can all be linked together and operated via the touch of a button making life at home more comfortable and convenient.